Shada Is Here In All It’s Animated Glory

Shada was an episode of the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker and Romana, played by Lala Ward. It was stopped mid production due to a strike at the BBC. The episode was never finished. Shada was written by Douglas Adams of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fame. The BBS has now created an animated version of Shada so everyone . You can now enjoy these episodes via animation.  There are other videos on Amazon Prime Videos too that are interesting.  One is Studio Sessions – 1979 A compilation of raw footage from the studio recording of Shada. Shot at BBC Television Centre in November 1979.  It’s 44 minutes and only 

Shada DVD Cover

Shada DVD Cover



We offer Shada in two versions. One is, you can purchase the DVD and the other is you can watch it on Amazon Prime Videos.

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